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How Much Mess Will There Be?

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The process of drilling well results in surface land disturbance due to equipment access and drilling operations. Drilling at some sites creates minimal or no residual mess, while other sites present much worse conditions. Prior to drilling, we can give you a good idea of how much mess to expect when we visit your site. We do our best to contain the drill cuttings, often pumping them away to a wooded or rough area where the environment is not affected and then washing the work area down upon completion of the well, or removing them completely if necessary at extra expense. When conditions require, we use special mats to drive the drill rig to the well location to minimize lawn damage. We also backfill and slightly mound the trench we dig to install the water and electric lines between the well and the house, however, we do not provide final landscaping repair unless specifically provided for in our contract with you.