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Commercial Golf Course ClubhouseThis photo shows one of our installations in a clubhouse for an exclusive, large golf and tennis facility recently built in Monmouth County.  We installed two wells for this building as a contingency should the pump installed in one of them fail, such as by a lightning hit, then the other would serve as an uninterrupted back-up.

Each of the wells is fitted with a variable speed submersible pump controlled by a solid state, computerized control box mounted on a wall in the mechanical room. The design characteristics of this installation require only a small well tank, which saves space otherwise needed by large, multiple tanks when a conventional submersible well pump is used. 

The left side of the photo shows a bank of water conditioning tanks and controllers we designed and installed in order to remove dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odor that occurs naturally in the water.  These contaminants are aesthetically annoying, although not dangerous to health.  This water conditioning system uses air to precipitate out the iron and sulfur, thus eliminating the need for supplemental processes utilizing water conditioning salt, chlorine, activated carbon or other chemicals.

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